Most Popular Crowd Funding Websites

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Most Popular Crowd Funding Websites

There are many ways that you can get funding but the most popular by far is crowd funding. The other ways of funding may have risks that you may be reluctant to run and that is why you will find this crowd funding method to be very refreshing.

You probably haven’t found a way to know where to go for crowd funding. That is why we have with us here a list of the 5 most popular crowd funding places you can go to. Let us bring that idea to life with a campaign to get you money.

Which Crowd Funding Sites are the Best?

We have with us this list that will show you where you can get the best and we have compared them in terms of Features and Price. That is how you will know which ones to choose for yourself.

  1. Indiegogo

This one was started way back in 2007 and there was the belief that a good project could not move if it had no backing which is obvious but, what to do about that? And thus, Indiegogo was born.

The three founders were all about passion, stellar work etiquette and shortage of funds. This is what they wanted to tackle. You don’t need to fear the joining process. It is easy.

The Process

  • Create an account
  • Link it to PayPal
  • Have a list of incentives that rise per degree of investment.
  • Have a social media campaign.


  • Covers about 196 countries.
  • They find almost any indie crowd venture.
  • Campaign opening is free.
  • No tech knowledge needed to create campaigns.
  • Powerful analysis tools provided.
  • Endorsements in campaigns.
  • If you work hard you get merit boosts.
  • The campaign is deeply customized for you.


There is a 9% fee on total funds accumulated. If you reach the goal, then you get back 5% and they are left with just 4%.

  1. PoZible

This one started off as a crowd funding source for performing arts and short films. Over a few years it has covered other filed as well including app development. It was founded in Australia and is reputable as a fund raiser. Now, you can raise money for almost anything.

The 3 Modes of PoZible

  • Standard Mode– This is the basic model of all-or-nothing. Of the target amount is not met, there is no need to process the pledges.
  • Subscription Mode– The project makers can subscribe one time and receive support for a fixed period.
  • Private Campaigns– This is for the ones that do not want to disclose the details of the project until it is released.

They have done funding for over 6000 projects and raised in excess of $16 million. They have deals with performing arts people that can tie up your deal pretty well.


  • It supports across 22 currencies even bitcoin.
  • Success rate is 55% coming from music, film and performing arts.
  • It has the; PoZible Ambassadors Network of 200 members to help you in every stage.


For successful projects, they charge 5% of the fund amount raised. It levies 4% for invitations from past successful project creators.

  1. Kickstarter

This is an independent company of 78 people based in Brooklyn, USA. In 5 years, it has surpassed the $1 billion mark in pledges. You sign up, get a campaign going and transact funds with the site within the deadline put up by the creators.

45% is their success rate. They have has success with the film world especially which is something that a lot of Hollywood movers and shakers like to work with. s


  • About 3 million people pledges almost $450 million in projects.
  • Backers come from all continents across 214 countries.
  • Pebble e-paper received pledges worth $10.1 million.


  • They fund; films, games, music, publishing and tech among others.
  • They don’t claim ownership of any part of what you make.
  • It uses Amazon to process payments which is easier.
  • You can connect via Facebook.
  • As a backer, you can’t know if the money will be used properly.


For successful projects, they collect 5% of funds collected. Payment processing costs 3-5%.

  1. Go Get Funding

This raises money for any cause and it is a person fundraising website. It has been featured on CNN Money, Lifehacker, Fox News and Entrepreneur. They charge just 4% on your total fund raising.

Their unique way of working enables them to do pretty much anything and raise funds for any cause that thy deem worthy you just need to show them that what you have is what they want to fund


  • Sign up for free.
  • Live profile update of funds raised.
  • Developers get the funding ahead of time. So you focus on what you are making and leave the rest to them.
  • Profit sharing is the only additional fee.
  • You can do it private or public.


This one has a unique pricing model. Pay just 4% of the total find raised.

  1. Angel List

This is a site that will help you connect with potential investors if you are a startup. They connect investors with fund seekers. The investors will decide what they can fund based on its merits. They focus mainly on tech startups and it is fantastic if you are an app developer.


  • All monetary aspects are dealt with by which vets the investors in legal compliance.
  • The platform spreads across a lot of countries.
  • Investors who have been pre-approved have made investments.
  • The crowd funding experience is great as they have social media integration.
  • Minimum pledge funds are %15000 and individual investors can put up $1000 minimum.


Investors pay 10% carry to Angel List. Fund raisers pay nothing.

Let’s Wrap Up

As you have seen. There are so many ways to get the money that you need and that is why you should never despair that the good ideas you have will not come to fruition. You need to look at these places and see that there is hope after all.

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